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Who keeps Virtude? What about money?


Virtude is a project maintained by amateur birders and photographers passionate about birds.

All text and photos are voluntary contributions. Design, site project, construction and maintenance are done by me, Claudia Komesu. The costs (site hosting, paid template, purchase of some plugins, and my time) are supported by my husband, Cristian Andrei. Alessandro Abdala, professional photographer and designer, created the logo as a volunteer. Contributors to the site are people I met at WikiAves and who are interested in participating and helping. I very much appreciate the generosity and good will of these people!

The site does not generate income. But one day it can begin to generate. I do not need the money and that’s not why I built the site. If any deal goes through, or if I receive donations, the money will be directed to increase the dissemination of birdwatching in Brazil. This can be diretcted for product development, purchase of professional services, advertising space, prizes or gifts for contributors, I’m not sure yet.