What is Virtude?

Virtude is Portuguese for “virtue”, and it is used here with the meaning of “to practice good actions”. This is a site for people seeking to improve their contact with Nature, wish to go outdoors more often, and enhance their wellbeing. Virtude is powered by birders and photographers that are passionate about birds, and want to help in conservation.

Virtude was born out of a simple idea: we believe our passion for birds can change our relationship with nature. We believe that thanks to this passion, conservation issues can become something really important in our lifes.

Therefore, the purpose of this site is to encourage Brazilians to discover birdwatching. If you are already a birder, anything you feel like sharing is welcome. Your knowledge, your photos, trip reports, camera evaluations, stories, anecdotes, selection of poems, your reflections on ecology, consumption, lifestyle, what you have done in favor of Nature.

If you are not a birder, feel free to contact me. If you think the site is a good idea, help promote it.

To contact the authors, go to the Friends section. If the person you want to talk to does not have a profile, search the site  WikiAves> Information> Search user.

For now the site is a small project, but it is being structured to grow. The accumulation of reports on trips and tours can help show the economics of birding. To be a contributor to Virtude is to believe that we can show to the market that ecotourism and nature conservation are alternatives to deforestation.