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Trip Report: Pantanal, Aquidauna – MS, jun/2008. By Claudia Komesu.

I was not a birdwatcher yet, but we already enjoyed trips to see nature (since a trip to Yellowstone – EUA in 2005). In the back of an adapted Toyota, just me and Cris, with the excellent Jurandir as a local guide. Walking through the flooded regions of Nhecolândia, Farm Pouso Alto, Pousada Mangabal. Tall grass, birds on the river, the animals that appeared on the road. June 2008. And I thinking that I knew nothing of Brazil.


More photos of this trip in the brazilian post.

  • Text and photos: Claudia Komesu.
  • Information sent in February 2012, abou t a trip made in June 2008.

In Pousada Magabal we had comfortable rooms, great homemade food, a great local guide (Jura) quiet and very friendly. The host was the owner of Mangabal, Fernando. The Toyota and Jura were ours most of the time. Over the past two days arrived a couple of Frenchmen, and then Bruno Selmer (of Techimage) and family.

Spectacular landscapes, red skies, scattered clouds. Near the seat, two big trees, where many herons and cormorants slept. Hyacinth macaws would also sleep in a big tree without leaves. We saw two giant anteaters, unfortunately without a puppy. The giant anteater is nearly blind.

Pampas deer, howler monkeys, coatis, a female deer-marsh, irara, armadillos and, of course, many birds. A couple of Cream-backed Woodpecker in a tree besides the main house. In early 2009 there were no good pictures of it posted in Wikiaves, Cris’ photos were the first ones.

Fazenda Pouso Alto is a very special place, but it is not a cheap trip (mostly because of the airplane between Campo Grande and the farm. The alternative is 8h by car). Actually I’m  sure if they are active today. The domain pousada.mangabal.com.br is disabled, the online information, just in portuguese, I found is the site of Techimage.

A curiosity:  Fazenda Pouso Alto was also the scene of many photos for Theo Allofs’ book about Pantanal: South America’s Wetland Jewel. You can see examples of pictures from the book and read an article written by Adriano Gambarini.