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Principles. Being a contributor does not mean you agree, but it’s better to read.

Author of this post: Claudia Komesu. Summary: 1. I follow some political topics related to the environment and there may be campaigns on this site 2. I do not like to see birds in cages, but I do not criticize legal and reputable breeders, and I think about introducing them to birdwatching. 3. I facilitate the free circulation of images in favor of Nature. 4. I do not post pictures of birds killed, tortured or abused. 5. This site does not look to generate income, but if it does the colntributors will be informed.

I have some specific views on issues related to birds. Joining this site does not mean you agree, but to make sure any of my ideas do not upset you it would be good to get to know the general principles, as I may highlight some of these issues, open room for discussion, or just create a special page for them.

1. I have been following the news about the new Forestry Code. I do not follow the day to day politics, but ocasionally there may be outbursts or even small campaigns here.

2. I do not like to see birds in a cage, but I do not criticise anyone who keeps or raises birds legally and honestly. I know these people care about birds and many would be interested in birdwatching. Who knows one day they can change their hobby? If I want to present birdwatching to bird breeders, my attitude should be respectful. There are 500,000 amateur bird breeders recorded in the system of IBAMA and probably millions of Brazilians keep a caged bird as a pet. I do not ignore nor criticize, and perhaps in the future we can join forces in actions for the preservation of habitats, and against capturing and trafficking.

3. I facilitate the free circulation of images and texts about the Brazilian birds. I do this in spite of the concerns of some of my friends who are pro photographers, because I deem the situation as very bad, we are losing by far where it matters most – the preservation of habitats, and if this trend does not change the future can be very sad.

4. I always associate birds with joy, grace, beauty and good times in my life. So I do not photograph and do not post images of birds in  degrading or humiliating situations. No birds injured, killed, abused. I am in favor of an online education with positive rather than negative images.

This site does not look to generating income. I don’t earn anything with it today. But if Virtude becomes well known and gets support, sponsorships, or sample products, the contributors will be told about this and my decision of what will be done with what we got. We’ll not vote, but I evaluate the merits of the possible uses, and I will always be transparent about this.