News about Virtude: free mini-magazine on Avistar 2012

Small size, lots of pictures and few text, directed to those who do not know birdwathing yet. Circulation of at least 2,500 copies. Content made ​​from the site of Virtude. Probable contact with bird breeders.


By Claudia Komesu.

Virtude is going to produce a mini-magazine to be distributed during Avistar 2012. Small size (20x15cm), 16 pages. But all colored, paper 150g, and a circulation of at least 2,500 copies.

The aim of the magazine is to spread the birdwatching for those who still do not know. Beautiful photos, few text, references to read more information here on the site of Virtude.

The content will be based primarily on the content of Virtude. I will make a selection from the 16th of April. That is, if you have not submitted material and would like to have the chance to participate in the magazine, you need to send your text and pictures until April 15, along with the confirmation that you consent to the possible use in the magazine.
Sorry for the short term, but it was sudden, decided at the end of last week. Remember that sendingd text and pictures does not mean they will join the magazine, the content will be decided later.

The printing will be paid by Cris (my husband), and layout will be made in CorelDraw by Alessandro Abdala, author of the logo of Virtude. The organization of Avistar will help with distribution and is also partner in the project.

We will seek sponsorship for the magazine. If it works, I’ll first pay Alessandro and Cristian, and if there is still money left over, it’ll be used to leverage other projects related to the site and the disclosure of birdwatching in Brazil.

The magazine’s content will be my decision, based primarily on the material of Virtude. Those interested in having a picture or reference in the magazine, please send me an email saying that I am authorized to use their material. I will not pay for this use, because I’m not sure if there will be sponsorship (Cris and Alessandro are going to participate even if there is no sponsorship), and this is a unique chance to raise money for the project. Anyone who wants to participate must be voluntarily.

After deciding the content I will look for companies / hostels / brands / people who might be interested in sponsoring. The final content is my decision and we will not publish false information. For example, if X is a good hotel to birdwatchers, it will be mentioned in the text, event if it does not want to be a sponsor. If this hotel wants to be a sponsor, its content will appear in highlight.

Important information: I will make contact with bird breeders and possibly they will have a space in the magazine to talk about what they do to help combat trafficking in animals. Things like guidance on checking documentation and leg-ring to be sure the bird is legal, guidance to newcomers.

I know there are many illegal breeders, who are part of the network of trafficking, who abuse the birds, but I’m sure there are also those who love birds, and who would enjoy the birdwatching. Among our fellow birdwatchers, we have several people who had previously birds in cages. Anyway a text like this could be a positive reinforcement, and help in spreading the birdwatching among breeders. Maybe one day they even change their hobby? But this contact must be in a respectful manner, without criticism.

I can also offer the possibility of them being sponsors, or pay to come up with a little highlight.

Who wants to join the magazine needs to be aware of what is likely to be on that page talking about trafficking. I am explaining in this way because I know that for some people birds in cages are a very strong and emotional issue.

Do not worry that the issue of sponsorship will never misrepresent the content. For example, a text will never appear saying that the creators only buy certified birds, or that the news of counterfeit leg-rings are lies.

The magazine’s first commitment is to have interesting content and reliable. The sponsorship is useful but do not command the project.