It’s easy to participate. Details here.


You can participate in any section, but the simplest way is to share a trip report, to tell about a quick tour or a favourite destination. Virtude is focused on Brazilian birds, but you can share a report about a great trip to other South American countries, or even in other continents.

We want to promote birdwatching in Brazil, but we konw people are interested in other destinations too.

It’s easy. Just write a text, choose some good pictures and e-mail them to me. The guidelines below are not mandatory and you do not need to read everything carefully. Any questions, just send me an e-mail (claudia.komesu @

If you want models, here are some links: (soon)


Suggested guidelines for submitted material

  • Text in MS-Word (R).
  • Photos: 9-27 pictures, which will be posted with 700 x 467 pixels, preferably on landscape orientation. The ratio should be 2×3, like in a 4×6 print . If you are not sure, just crop the images in a rectangular shape, with some space around the main subject, and I’ll take care.
  • Opening picture of the post: 960 × 640 pixels
  • Credit: Tell me how your name should appear in the photos.
  • Who you are: A brief presentation inthree or four lines. If the post is a favorite destination, it’s nice to tell ​your level of knowledge about the place.
  • Optional: bird list: if you feel comfortable doing that, your post will be more informative if you make a list of the local birds and add your estimate on the difficulty degree of seeing each species. You can have your own list, or you can pick up the WikiAves list (for cities in Brazil) and paste it into a spreadsheet, as I did for  Campos do Jordão. Please send the list in Excel, not Word, it facilitates my work. If you need help to paste the Wiki list to Excel, just write me for help.
  • Optional: the species list of your album. At the end of your text, if you make a list of species, “english name (scientific name)”, in the same order as they appear in the album, ne species per line, in the near future your photos will have captions with the names of the species. It’s tough because I have to enter that information photo by photo, so it will probably be a while.
  • Optional: introduce yourself! Tell us a bit about who you are and make a selection of your favorite pictures, including some that show you and people you care about. See examples in the Friends section.

Send text and photos to


What style of pictures?

My suggestion is that you select images representative of the place and, your equipment allowing, pictures that impress by their beauty, or for being an unusual scene, or depicting a rarer species.

I really like artistic photos, even the kind where is not possible to identify the birds (with a strong backlight, for example), but I think your post will be more successful if the majority of the pictures are leaning more to the representative than to the artistic. We can talk about artistic photos, I am interested in the subject.


Favorite destination:  here’s a suggestion for organizing the info. Remember that it is not mandatory to follow this model.

Brief presentation about the author

Summary Table

  • Why it’s worth: (brief paragraph in which you explain why the target is special)
  • Highlights: (bird species most sought after)
  • Level of difficulty: (easy, medium, hard. It’s a subjective score considering distances to travel, infrastructure, chances to see the birds)
  • Local Infrastructure: (good, average, bad. To get an idea: good means at least reasonable inns and restaurants, a nearby place to eat, good roads)
  • Security: (if you shall have special attention)
  • Photo opportunities: (reasonable, good, very good, excellent. For example, most favorite destinations are rated as good or very good, considering what you will see, the diversity of species, light quality, probability of seeing and approaching animals and chances of taking a great picture. So far the only places I rated excellent are two South Africa parks)
  • Where to photograph: brief description, unless your post has just this summary table. Otherwise, just give general names, and below you explain better
  • Directions: by car, bus, airplane if necessary
  • Guide: who guides in the region and contact
  • Logistics: a tour agency, lodging suggestions, any advance bookings or preparations needed
  • When to go: best times

If you want to give more information on the above topics (which should be a summary), or create new topics, such as “Place overview”, they may come after this table. The additional info will be organized by retractable topics (only the title appears, and when one clicks on it, the block of information opens).