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Did you like the project? Want to join?


There are many ways to help!

Being a frequent collaborator: the volume of information increases the importance of the site. More posts increase the evidence that birdwatching is relevant. It is easy to participate.

You can also join the blog. Any matter related to birds and nature, or art, or communication, just be within the principles of the site.

Designer, advertising professional, editor, translator, designer, videomaker, programmer, craftsman, a systems analyst? Birds offer many creative and artistic opportunities. You can help disseminate them, use them as inspiration, or be an associate of Virtue, as Alessandro Abdala , who created the logo .

You can help spread the Virtude on the Internet. Facebook, sites, friends, networking. But I am asking to wait a bit to make the site better structured and also prepare a disclosure kit. Probably in early May, I notice.

Sign up to receive the newsletter. Just scroll down the screen and you will see a field of registration.

Have a business or provides a service and would like to advertise on Virtude? Or liked the project and simply want to support it? Talk to me. The site does not need money to maintain, but the money strengthens the project because it allows more instruments and possibilities. Virtude does not establish connections which violate the principles and general line of the site, but it is possible to combine economic and ecological interests.

Contact: claudia.komesu @ gmail.com