You don’t have to worry about copyright


 We don’t require that the material be previously unpublished, and you may republish your posts anywhere (provided your other site or publisher accepts non-exclusive posts, of course). Your pictures will be identified with your name, always.

I will never use your pictures or text outside the website without your permission.

Within the site, your post may appear highlighted in another section or your photos may be part of a theme or selection of favorites, always with credit given to you in each appearance. I will never use your material outside the site without asking permission, but I can not prevent someone of using your pictures as a link on Facebook, or something of this kind, with the intention of discussing or promoting the site. I imagine these situations are not a problem because they mean more publicity to your photos.

I have a very flexible use policy for my pictures, but I made ​​it clear that it only applies to my photos, not to the other contributors.

It takes some work, but if you ever want your text or photos to be removed, I’ll execute that as soon as I read your message.


Duties of contributors

To be the author of texts and photos sent to me as your own.