I have some itineraries throughout the country, passing through Amazon Forests, Cerrado (several phytophysiognomies) Caatinga and Mata Atlântica. On my website you can read more details about the itineraries. Unfortunatelly I could not upload all the intineraries yet, but any doubt you can ask me. The itineraries are:


Subdivided in 4 regions as it is presented in the site, with endemic of the Cerrado and endemic of the River Araguaia. This itinerary is interesting because it is in the great Brazilian Amazonian / Cerrado Ecotone, being thus, with species of the two biomes. On my website you can see the list of the main species. Still in Tocantins has the itineraries for the region of Jalapão, incredible place.


This is also on the site. There I describe another meeting of biomes and species. In this script has two new species of birds that are to be described for science.


Included in this itinerary are the region of Canudos, Chapada Diamantina (endemic) and part of the Atlantic Forest of the state.


Here is included a package that can be done separately with the Monte Roraima itinerary. It is made in Boa Vista with the species of the northern channel of the Amazon River.

Monte Roraima (Venezuela)

Many of the species in this itinerary are endemic to Monte Roraima and are reserved a few days to spend in La Escaleira, a large forest with rare and unique species.

The species lists of the last 3 itineraries will be available on the website soon. But if need be I can compile and send it to you.


My logistics is all inclusive. I do all the logistics to make it easier for my customers. In the request of the budget a detailed spreadsheet with all the expenses is sent, demonstrating transparency and giving comfort to the client.

My English is bad, but I communicate. I know Spanish more easily.

I have already led some Swedish, English and American foreigners. Among them is one of the largest birders in the world with more than 9,200 species registered and more than 147 countries covered.