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Biome: Pampa. General information.


This is another biome in which I have little experience. I have not been to one of the most famous: the region of Lagoa do Peixe, in Tavares. But in January 2012 I had the opportunity to travel to Uruguay, which is also Pampa. I do not know how it is in southern Brazil, but Uruguay has a very impressive light (lots of light, enough to choose the wrong settings, because we are used with Atlantic Forest and had no courage to set f8 and f9). You could picture until 8h30 pm. In the vicinity of, believe me, Punta del Este we done many good photos. Free and good roads, tranquility, security, expansive landscapes, many bird, it was almost cowardice. One of the places we went, just 20km from Montevideo, had so many birds that we found two teenagers hunting birds to sell at fairs, unfortunately a cultural custom.

The biome:In Brazil the Pampa biome is present only in Rio Grande do Sul in Brazil. It occupies 2% of the country, but represents 63% of Rio Grande do Sul Only 0.4% is in conservation. 385 species of birds. In Brazil, this biome is undervalued in its importance, under pressure of monocultures and pasture.What you can see: Many-colored Rush-Tyrant (fantastic), Black-necked Swan, Spectacled Tyrant, South American Painted-snipe, shorebirds. We took a time of drought in Uruguay, then wetlands were not as they should be. In normal times there are many Scarlet-headed Blackbird, more tha 600 Roseates Spoonbills together.

For who: For everyone from beginners to experienced birders. For those who already are more experienced, you can see birds that are difficult in Brazil as the South American Painted-snipe. You arrive by car near to most destinations. To the seabirds, in some cases we had to walk over the rocks to get closer, but it was enough to walk carefully and slowly. Several birds on the beaches of Puntal del Este, next to the main Avenue, or in ponds 15 minutes of Maldonado. And there are the casinos too, like the famous Conrad.  If you want to play poker in the weekend you must travel to Punta del Este, there is no poker in Montevideo in the weekends, because everyone goe to Punta.

You need a guide? Our guide was Alejandro Olmos, an ornithologist and editor of several publications on the fauna of Uruguay. He caught us at the airport.

Cities with good opportunities: Montevideo, Punta del Este, Jose Ignacio Beach, Lagunas de Rocha, Rocha. In Brazil, Tavares, especially the Hotel Parque da Lagoa.

Ornithological guides: Alejandro Olmos in Uruguay. In Brazil: Batista, in Tavares. Adrian Eisen Rupp for several regions. They can be contacted by WikiAves> Information menu> Search users.