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Biome: Amazonia – general information


The Amazon is not for beginners and it is not easy to get good pictures. Long distances, tall trees, dark woods, insects, sometimes hours without seeing anything. Sometimes it seems you are in a sauna all the time. But Amazon has 1,200 species of birds. Only in the region to a radius of 150 km of Manaus there are more than 800 species.

The biome: The Amazon is the largest rainforest in the world. It spans several countries in South America, but 60% of its area is in Brazil – representing more than 4 of the 8.5 million km2 of the Brazilian territory, 49% of Brazilian territory. The Amazon is so big it can be seen from space, including the deforested areas, around 16% of the region. The main causes of deforestation are the cattle and soy.

What you can see, some of the most amazing birds are in the Amazon of Brazil. The Guianan Cock-of-the-rock, and fabulous manakins. I have very few photos, but you can enter the WikiAves, Information menu> get users> type Anselmo dAffonseca.

But it is important to be clear: it is not easy to shoot in the Amazon. The default is silent, dark, skittish birds at tall trees. The amazing pictures of birds you see in WikiAves generally were in a situation where the photographer found a tree with mature fruits and birds feasting.

The only two trips I made to the Amazon were to Carajás, in December 2011, with Edson Endrigo, and in September 2011 I went to Araguacema – TO, the transition region between Cerrado and Amazon.

To whom and where to go: the Amazon is an exotic destination. There are hotels and lodges with good accommodation and structure of various tours that make the trip enjoyable for anyone who likes nature. That is, anyone can go, and even if you do not see many birds, will have fun with what they see in the feeders, boating, local cuisine.

Cristalino Jungle Lodge in Alta Floresta is a place with international standard. It’s worth going there when the forest fruits are mature near the watchtowers, one of the best opportunities for photographing birds. In one of the towers last year there was a good fruiting in June, but you must check with the staff.

Another place is well recommended Jardim da Amazonia.

Manaus is a popular destination with many birds. The colleagues who have gone to Manaus have used the services of Vanilce Czaban. You can contact her by WikiAves.

You must have guide? In Cristalino you can have good local guides. In Manaus Vanilce can guide itself or appoint a local guide.